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We often get asked if we have done similar projects or how other clients have dealt with issues similar to your own. We are always ready to help you and we can also put you in touch with current clients.

How to approach a very mixed audience

KPM Erlebniswelt (Berlin)

KPM has a very mixed audience that they provide one single tour for. Ms Barbara Gerster can tell you all about this.

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Implementing the system on a tight deadline.

Royal Museums Greenwich (London)

RMG used the Podcatcher Platform for two last minute projects. These projects needed to be uploaded and installed within days. Joanna can tell you all about how we did this.

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how do I deal with multiple languages?

Our Lord in the Attic (Amsterdam)

Our Lord in the Attic provides a tour to visitors in 6 different languages. Ms Trees van Mansfeld can tell you all about this.

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How can I get kids more involved?

Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam)

The wereldmuseum provides special programs for kids and schoolgroups. Ms Esther van Pamelen can tell you all about this.

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Using the system outside?

Hall Place garden (Bexley, greater London)

Hall Place Gardens provides a garden tour with highlights of the gardens and interviews from the head gardener. The tour is available on the Podcatcher and as an App. Ms.Caroline Worthington can tell you all about it.

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Using the platform for temporary exhibitions?

Kelvingrove Art Gallery (Glasgow)

Kelvingrove Art gallery used the Platform for a temporary exhibition. The tour was made with no budget and within two weeks. Mr John Ferry can tell you all about it.

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