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What projects are we currently working on

We always have clients who have recently signed and are still developing their tours, and working on adding more interaction. We like to keep you up to date and show you which new and challenging projects we are working on.

Columbus Metropolitan Library, Columbus, OH USA

This library in the heart of downtown Columbus’ Discovery District was first opened to the public in 1907 thanks to a generous gift from industrialist Andrew Carnegie. After a major renovation in 2016, the main library continues to be a cornerstone of the Columbus community that inspires reading and connects people. We are pleased to be adding our Podcatcher audio guides to the experience at this beautiful library.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston TX USA

Glory of Spain: Treasures from the Hispanic Society Museum & Library

Unparalleled outside of Spain, the collections of the New York-based Hispanic Society Museum & Library focus on the art and culture of Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines up to the early 20th century. The traveling exhibition Glory of Spain showcases some 200 objects spanning more than 4,000 years of Hispanic art and culture, featuring artifacts from Roman Spain and decorative arts and manuscripts of Islamic Spain.

Museum of Fine Arts (MSK), Jan van Eyck Exhibition, Ghent, BE

Once in a lifetime experience

In 2020, the Museum of Fine Arts (MSK) Ghent is organizing the largest Jan van Eyck exhibition ever. Only about twenty works of this Flemish master have been preserved worldwide.

Want to experience the wonder that the contemporaries of Jan Van Eyck felt when seeing his work for the first time? Get closer than ever to Van Eyck’s mastery and admire the revolutionary gaze and genius of the master in detail. ‘Van Eyck. An optical revolution’ will be an absolute once-in-a-lifetime experience. And all this in the context of the theme year ‘OMG! Van Eyck was here’ in Ghent.

Grab a Podcatcher to listen to the stories behind Van Eyck’s master pieces.

Airborne Museum Hartenstein, Oosterbeek, NL

The Airborne Museum ‘Hartenstein’ in Oosterbeek, The Netherlands is dedicated to the Battle of Arnhem in which the Allied Forces attempted to form a bridgehead on the northern banks of the Rhine river in September 1944. Hartenstein served as the headquarters of the British 1st Airborne Division.

Take a Podcatcher to listen to all the stories behind the Battle of Arnhem.

Cheekwood Estate & Gardens, Nashville, TN

Cheekwood is a 55-acre botanical garden and art museum located on the historic Cheek estate.

Originally built as the home of Leslie and Mabel Cheek in 1929, Cheekwood is one of the finest examples of an American Country Place Era estate. Since being converted into a museum of art and botanical gardens in 1960, Cheekwood has presented world-class art exhibitions, spectacular gardens and an historic estate unlike anything else.

Explore this historic Cheek estate with a Podcatcher on hand.

Van Gogh Village Nuenen – Vicentre, NL

Vicent van Gogh Village

In the Vincentre museum you can experience Nuenen as it was in 1883, when Vincent came to live here. Walk in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh. What makes it so special is that you can see and experience the stories about Van Gogh, his letters and his paintings from the very same spot.

Take a Podcatcher to listen to stories about him and read his letters about Nuenen while he lived and worked in Nuenen from 1883 to 1885.

Museon, The Hague, NL

Museon is a museum for science and culture in The Hague, Netherlands. It has collections in the domains of geology, biology, archaeology, history, science and ethnology.

Discover over 260.000 objects and take a Podcatcher to listen to the stories behind the collection.

Nationaal Park De Hoge Veluwe - Jachtslot Sint Hubertus, NL

Country Residence/Museum Jachthuis Sint Hubertus, the former residence of the Kröller-Müllers, is one of the most iconic buildings in the Netherlands.

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus was designed by the renowned architect Hendrikus Petrus Berlage (1856-1934). Berlage had already worked for the Kröllers before landing this illustrious contract; he was commissioned to design an office building in London. He also designed the Schipborg - a model farm in Anloo, a village in the Dutch province of Drenthe.

Take a Podcatcher to listen to the story of this iconic building.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte, NC USA

Filled with Light: The Designs of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

In commemoration of its 10th anniversary, Filled with Light shares the lesser-known programmatic and design evolution of the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. Never-before-seen architectural sketches, drawings, study photographs and plans illuminate the remarkable evolution of this powerful yet intimate building. The result is the architectural piece of art that is filled with light, engaging community spaces and home to Charlotte’s largest private collection of Modern art since 2010.

U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

Welcome to a glimpse into Hawaii's past

Helicopters, tanks, guns now silenced, and vacant bunkers welcome you to the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii. Once a bastion built to protect Hawaii from invading forces, the structure now houses a museum that tells the military story of Hawaii, from ancient times to the Vietnam War. Each of these hostilities is covered graphically in separate displays with photographs and sound effect creating a real "you were there" experience. Guide ID is pleased to help bring these stories to life for their many visitors to the museum.