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A busy summer

Newsletter June 2014

What a busy time it is! So many new and exciting exhibitions opening. At Guide ID we are proud to say that we are a part of quit a few of them!

Just in the last few months we have launched the Podcatcher for example at Hayward Art Gallery, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Anne Frank House. Over the next few months we will be launching at Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, Rivington Place, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and many more across Europe.

We have also been spending more and more time speaking with current clients to find out how we can improve ourselves as a company and how we can improve the platform. Based on this feedback we have come up with some great new ideas for the future, which mainly will have to do with the legacy of collections and connecting with visitors. This was good news to us as we have just launched MapMyVisit at its first site as a pilot and will be launching it at more sites across Europe over the coming months.
There will be more details on all of the above further on in the newsletter.

As always we are open to feedback and are happy to supply you with more information on any subject you want. Just send a quick email or give us a call! We can send you a short general presentation to show your colleagues or if you want more detailed information we are always happy to meet you and give you a live demonstration. And don’t forget that you can always ‘try before you buy’ with Guide ID, by doing a 6 month trial. Just ask your Business Manager about it.

An extra opportunity to see the platform or speak to us will be this week during Open Culture 2014. 25-26 June, The Kia Oval, London. Stand 27!

New projects

A warm welcome to our new customers

UK & Ireland:
On Tuesday 17 June Guide ID, together with The Southbank Centre, launched a great audio highlights tour for The Human Factor exhibition. This exhibition is all about how international artists confront the question of how we represent the 'human' today. The Human Factor surveys how artists over the past 25 years have reinvented figurative sculpture, looking back to earlier movements in art history and drawing on contemporary imagery.

The Amsterdam City Archive presents, from 6th June til 14th September, Amsterdam! Ed van der Elsken, old photos 1947/1970, based on the reprint of his photo book. The exhibtion of vintage prints in combination with the never before shown images creates a new in-site into Ed van der Elskens unique image-story of Amsterdam in the 50's. The Podcatcher will be provided for all visitors.

We are now also represented in Bonn with the Podcatcher. The exhibition of the Women's Museum in Bonn " Single Moms " will open its doors with an interesting audio tour with Guide ID in early May. The exhibition is dedicated to all single mothers. On this occasion, numerous artists have worked on the topic in an artistic way. Some recourse to literary evidence , others refer to the Bible or mythology.

Free App

Offer only available during Open Culture event

If you are interested in using the platform or would like to sign up for the 6 months trial, you will now also receive 12 months free unlimited use of the App, if you leave your card at our stand(27) during Open Culture 2014. Visitors can then use the matching Podcatcher App to take a tour on their phone and get the same simple but fun and interactive experience as when they use the Podcatchers. If this is during the trial then you will have the total package; All hardware, software, branding, Apps, analytics, marketing tools and MapMyVIsit.

Guide ID Latest developments

Learn more about our latest developments within the platform.

MapMyVisit is the latest tool within the Podcatcher platform. Its been developed to help museums and gardens to get a long-term connection with their visitors, create a legacy for the collections and increase revenues. This month we launched MapMyVisit at The Gardens of Appeltern. In these Gardens all visitors get the Podcatcher audio guide for free. Visitors can activate the Podcatchers at one of the MapMyVisit consoles which creates a personal webpage for each visitor. On this webpage visitors will see their complete tour, what they listened to and what they missed. The Gardens of Appeltern can use the same platform to increase sales online and generate more recurring visits.

Interactive IDentifier & childrens quiz
From Saturday, June 28, 2014 De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam is offering a special experience: Travel in Time. History and Royalty. This specially designed installation for de Nieuwe Kerk, the visitor steps back into the national history and can choose his or her own path. They can follow the line of the Church of the Oranges or the line of Dutch history. With video walls, projections, audio guides, Wifi photo shoot and celestial sounds at the largest organ of the Netherlands, the visitor can relive six hundred years of history, traveling along medieval mysteries, royal traditions and spirited urbanites.

The audio tour is available in 6 languages and will serve the many tourists who visits Amsterdam during the summer. It takes the visitor along the most important spots in the church but is also used at the special video walls, providing the audio on the Podcatcher in peoples own language, through our special AV synch Identifiers.

Guide ID also produced a kids trail, including an entertaining Podcatcherquiz. The kids can check out their own score at the end of the tour. The Podcatchers will be provided on a self-service base. The visitors can activate their language at the audio desk and bring back the player at the end of the visit themselves.

Video room in 7 Languages
At the Anne Frank House they wanted to add an opportunity for the visitors to reflect on Anne Frank's. They decided on an immersive video projection which shows people from across the world speaking about Anne Frank, what she means to them and how she. has inspired and still inspires them. They wanted to offer this experience to all visitors in their own language so they could really understand and feel what was being said. To do this they needed a tool that was suitable for their very diverse visitor demographic, and that was easy to maintain for their staff. Besides this, one of their key issues was that they wanted to offer all these languages at the same time and with unlimited users. The Podcatcher Platform ticked all the boxes and they loved the fact that they could make it look like their own device.

The Podcatcher Platform turned out to be the perfect solution for the challenge of translating the different languages used in the video into our seven 'museum languages' simultaneously.

Tom Brink, head of Publications and Presentations, Anne Frank House

Coming soon

What projects are we currently working on

We always have clients who have recently signed and are still developing their tours, and working on adding more interaction. We like to keep you up to date and show you which new and challenging projects we are working on.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston TX USA

Vincent van Gogh: His Life in Art

National Military Museum, Soesterberg, NL

When the Russians arrive

SS Rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL

A ship full of stories

Chocolate Nation, Antwerp, Belgium

Discover the story and the love for Belgian chocolate

Seeing is believing

Come and see the platform live

The Podcatcher Walk-in's are the perfect opportunity to experience the platform yourself and see what it's like for visitors. The Walk-in's have a very informal setting. The idea is for you and your colleagues to take a tour as if you are a visitor and then to meet with one of our Business Managers for a short chat and a coffee. This will give you the opportunity to receive more specific information and ask questions.

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