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Keep it simple, but be creative

Newsletter October 2014

We have so much to talk about since out last newsletter, but as we like to keep things simple, I will keep it short.

A few things that are definitely worth mentioning are MapMyVisit, the many projects in Brussels and Amsterdam and all the events that are coming up like the Museum Congress 2014 in Holland.

We are really excited about the launch of MapMyVisit as we feel that it really is the future for interpretation, revenue generating and visitor services. MapMyVisit will create a legacy for the collection, a connection between you and your visitor and it will help you increase visitor numbers and revenues. We speak more about this further on in the newsletter.

Brussels and Amsterdam is where Guide ID is the hottest right now. We will soon have our third live project in Brussels, with Auto World just extending their contract, Royal Museums for Fine Arts Belgium using the Podcatcher for the first time during the Constantin Meunier exhibition and Halle Gate soon opening with a highlights tour. In Amsterdam we have almost lost count with Hermitage on their second project, Nieuwe Kerk soon launching there second project and Amsterdam Museum launching a new Podcatcher project for the exhibition 'Football Halleluja'. There's more about all our projects further down in the newsletter.

The 'Football Halleluja' exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum is a special one for us as it uses almost all elements within the platform. Not only do they have a regular audio guide, they also have a special family tour with a built in quiz and they are using our new collecting IDentifier for information tagging. Read more about this innovative project in the rest of the newsletter.

We also have some great events coming up. The next one is almost upon us, the Museum Congress 2014. During this Conference we will be presenting MapMyVisit on our stand and during our workshop on the Friday, which we have organized together with the Amsterdam Museum. We will be brainstorming about how you can optimize the use of MapMyVisit so you and your visitors get everything out of it. Soon after the conference we are also organizing a seminar at the Amsterdam Museum on the 27th November, and we have a seminar planned at Royal Museum Greenwich later in the year.

Last but not least we would like to welcome the latest addition the the UK team, Lee Goodwin. We are delighted that he has joined our team and we wish him much success!

Frits Polman

New projects

A warm welcome to our new customers

Rivington Place will be using the Podcatcher starting in October for their Black Chronicles exhibition. The Podcatcher will guide visitors though both exhibition spaces on both levels and will provide an extra level on interpretation and entertainment during the exhibition.

Will a slight delay Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum will be launching it highlights tour of the building and main objects. The tour will be available for £2.50 in the shop and the tour can be listened to in English German and Hindi. Its the first time a highlights tour has ever been done of the Kelvingrove building.

Over the last few months the Zaans museum has undergone a refurbishment. On the 8th October 2014 the reopening will happen and they have chosen to also start using the Podcatcher in 8 languages! This will be an amazing extra service for the many foreign visitors, so they can experience the museum in their own language.

In the red light district of Amsterdam the Salvation Army museum will open its doors in October. The Podcatcher is going to be used to guide Dutch visitors. Actress Georgina Verbaan has done an amazing job on voicing the guide, but you will also be able to hear archive audio files. Joël Batenburg, a former radio man, put the exhibtion together and has done a great job on the audio guide. For more information click here (Dutch)

6 months free MapMyVisit

Museum congress 2014 offer

Are you interested in trialing MapMyVisit? Then take advantage of our introduction offer. For the first 6 months, you can use one of our sync consoles free of charge and we will make sure that your tour is developed in MapMyVisit. Ask one of our business manager for the terms and conditions.
*even know this offer is meant for Museum congress 2014 visitors, it is also available for other sites, if you meet the terms and conditions.

Guide ID Latest developments

Learn more about our latest developments within the platform.

Collecting IDentifier
By using the collecting IDentifier the Podcatcher can become a communication tool for linking third party interactives. The Podcatcher can track the individual results from each interactive or game, per visitor or team. Just like RF-ID scanning or Barcode readers. It gives a unique number of a visitor, that at that moment in time is active at the interactive. But wait there’s more! It’s not just the unique number per visitors that you can read. You can also see which elements of the tour have been listened too and what answer’s they gave or buttons they pressed.
For example currently at the ‘football hallelujah’ exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. Visitors are able to take a regular audio tour through the exhibition or they could choose for the interactive tour which is available for single visitors as well as for teams. The interactive tour is aimed at families and consist of regular audio stops, quiz questions and interactive games, like a penalty shoot-out, personal football picture and voting games. The Podcatcher can be linked to an email and then a team, making it possible for visitors to see their scores at the end of the tour, the poles from all the voting games and they can get their football picture via email.

After visit experience:
The legacy of your collection and your stories will live on forever online. Visitors can
re-experience your tour and relive the interpretation they had during their visit. Visitors can even view parts of the tour they missed and their bookmarked favorites.

Connect with your visitors:
MapMyVisit connects your visitors to your organisation. It helps you to
communicate with your visitors about your events, exhibitions and news updates. Plus it will help connect visitors to your social media outlets.
Increase revenues:
Via MapMyVisit you can increase the amount of recurring visitors. It helps
you sell more catalogs and other merchandise. Plus it creates a link to
your shop and will create new revenues streams with reproduction sales.

We chose for the Podcatcher because its so easy to use and because its
so simple to add extra layers of interpretation for our visitors.

Heleen van Ketwich, Manager ‎Commercial business,The New Church en Hermitage Amsterdam

Coming soon

What projects are we currently working on

We always have clients who have recently signed and are still developing their tours, and working on adding more interaction. We like to keep you up to date and show you which new and challenging projects we are working on.

Prinsenhof, Delft, NL

Pieter de Hooch- From the shadow of Vermeer

KBR, Brussels

The world of Bruegel in Black and White

Holocaust Museum Houston, Houston, TX USA

Witness the unprecedented expansion and revitalization of this important museum

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Charlotte, NC USA

Nomadic Murals: Tapestries of the Modern Era

Tour of Flanders Center, Oudenaarde, Belgium

The ultimate cycling experience in Belgium

Thermenmuseum, Heerlen, NL

The Roman story in the Netherlands

U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI

Welcome to a glimpse into Hawaii's past

Seeing is believing

Come and see the platform live

The Podcatcher Walk-in's are the perfect opportunity to experience the platform yourself and see what it's like for visitors. The Walk-in's have a very informal setting. The idea is for you and your colleagues to take a tour as if you are a visitor and then to meet with one of our Business Managers for a short chat and a coffee. This will give you the opportunity to receive more specific information and ask questions.

Date Location City
08 Nov 2019 USS Midway San Diego (US) Sign up
05 - 06 Dec 2019 KODE Bergen (NO) Sign up
10 Dec 2019 Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum Birmingham (United Kingdom) Sign up