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The year of the new audio tour

Newsletter February 2016

The term 'audio tour' is often associated with wrong and old fashion thoughts. People often think of large audio bats, audio that goes on forever, difficult to operate devices and a general service that costs lots of time and money. The thing is that this is no longer the case and defiantly not with the Podcatcher. We continue to develop the system with the philosophy of always using a simple and easy to use device for the visitors and museum, but always create an outstanding experience and tour by cleverly using interactive technology. You can read more about this in our 'Spotlight Projects’ piece or experience it during one of our Walk-ins.

Please do join us during one of our walk-ins or contact us if you have any questions!

The Guide ID Team

Projects in the spotlight

National Maritime Museum - Guildhall Art Gallery - Amsterdam Museum - DWDD pup-up 2

National Maritime Museum
Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution is on show until the 28th March 2016. We are very proud to be a part of this project. It’s an absolute must to visit, with over 200 objects from national and international museums, galleries and private collections. The exhibition is the largest exhibition about Samuel Pepys life (1633-1703) and includes commentaries from his diaries. These commentaries form the basis of the audio tour and are available in English via the Podcatcher.

Guildhall Art Gallery
We are very excited to say that mid-February the Guildhall Art Gallery audio tour will be available to the public. The tour will be in English and not only cover the art gallery but also the London Roman Amphitheatre. There will also be an AV-sync video in the tour and at a later stage we will be adding MapMyVisit to the services, to develop long-term connection between visitors and the Guildhall. Plus visitors can re-experience the tour at home.

Amsterdam Museum
Since the beginning of January the Amsterdam Museum has a new audio tour for their permanent collection on the Podcatcher. The Podcatcher is also used to listen to 7 synced video’s during the tour. Our AV-sync tool makes it possible for all visitors, in all languages to watch and listen to the videos. The Amsterdam museum is also using the Podcatcher for its temporary exhibitions. Distribution is done via a self-service cabinet that has been especially designed for the museum.(See Image)

DWDD pop-up 2
TV star Sander van der Pavert, well known for is sketches on the Dutch Royal Family, has produced a very special audio tour as a guest curator of the Maurits house in Amsterdam. On 6 selected artworks he has created special commentaries, that he has recorded in his famous sketch voices at King William Alexander and Queen Maxima. The tour is available in the Allard Pearson Museum and operates via a self-service cabinet. The tour is also available in our Guide ID App.

Other projects

New developments

Long Range AV-sync; Listen to synced video's automatically when entering an area.

The latest edition to the Guide ID interactive arsenal is the Long Range AV-sync IDentifier. It was already possible to listen to synchronized video's in your own language. Besides this we could also already activate audio from a distance with the Podcatcher via the long range IDentifier. These two techniques have now been combined. In short, a visitor can now enter a room and the Podcatcher will automatically start playing synchronized audio from a video, in the correct language. This technique is already being used by Cailler(Nestlé) 'The Swiss chocolate factory, De Koninck 'The new brewery tour' and soon also by Bols 'Cocktail & Gevener experience', in Amsterdam.


Walk-in days: London - Liverpool - Dublin - Glasgow

Walk-in days
Walk-in days are days when you can come and take a look at one of our current projects. You can listen to the tour via the Podcatcher and afterwards we will be ready with a cup of coffee and you will hae the chanch to ask any questions you might have to the Business Manager. We currently have Walk-in days planned in London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Dublin