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Newsletter April 2016

"Our Real Gold" is the theme of the Museum week 2016 in the Netherlands, where Guide ID's HQ is based. This theme hooks into museums showing off their real showpieces. At Guide ID we truly believe that all visitors should not only get to see the showpieces but also hear the stories behind them. Every museum piece has its own stories, which can be told in many different ways. A great example of this can be heard at the Museum of the twentieth century, in Hoorn, The Netherlands. They have developed a great family quiz on the Podcatcher platform and use it to tell their stories in a very fun and interactive way.
More and more museums are offering the Podcatcher to all visitors via self-service. During our last seminar we highlighted this service and zoomed in on a few live projects. The new DNA tour at the Amsterdam museum was used as the main case study.
We are now working very hard to expand our vision, on getting all your stories told, internationally. Over the coming months we will be working on many international projects and we will keep you up to date.

Best wishes,

The Guide ID Team

Projects in the spotlight

Rembrandts House - Nymans Gardens - Musée Gadagne - Secret Valley wildlife park - Darcis!

Rembrandts House, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Rembrandt House Museum is where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1658 and produced some of his most famous works. From mid-April 2016 all visitors of the Rembrandt House Museum will receive a free Podcatcher audio tour. The tour is available in 10 languages and will be offered via a Self Service desk. Beside from the audio tour, the museum will also integrate MapMyVisit.

Nymans Gardens, Handcross, United Kingdom
Nymans Garden is one of the jewels in the National Trusts Gardens crown. Guide ID is now proud to announce the Launch of the our popular audio guide in the garden within the next month. As each visitor makes their way around the garden and the ruins, they will be able to see and hear what the head gardener has to deal with on an almost daily basis, and experience first-hand what life was life like in the big house. Just a prime example of how diverse the Podcatcher has become.

Musée Gadagne, Lyon, France
The internationally travelled exhibition Devinement Foot, will be on show during the European cup in Lyon. We could not think of any better timing than that! From the 21st April till 4th September 2016 the Museum Gadagne opens their doors to all the many football fans. Football brings out emotions within a community, just like religion does. The exhibition shows unique objects and footage, and every visitor gets a Podcatcher to listen to the stories, songs and archive files within the exhibition.

Secret Valley wildlife park, wexford, Ireland
We at Guide ID like to think out of the box when it comes to the use of an audio guide. So much so, we are proud to announce the launch of the Podcatcher audio guide at the Secret Valley Wildlife Park in Wexford. The visitors to this acclaimed wildlife park will be able to partake in a quiz around the park, and take in far more information about each of its popular residents. With the use of the Podcatcher, not only will we be able to enhance each visitors experience, but expand the knowledge about each and every one of the parks animals.

Darcis, Verviers, Belgium
This summer the famous chocolatier Jean Philippe Darcis will be opening a new 2.8520 Metre Squared building in Verviers. Visitors will be welcomed into each of the beautifully designed rooms and will learn everything there is to know about the history of chocolate. From temples in the Maya to the mountains of Mexico. You will also be also to take a look inside the workshop, where you will get a sneak peak of how the delicious chocolate, macaroons and patisseries are produced. Furthermore, you will also get a chance to taste all the delights on offer. The Podcatcher will be your guide through the building and translate all the video footage into your own language.


Walk-in Days

Walk-in days
Walk-in days are days when you can come and take a look at one of our current projects. You can listen to the tour via the Podcatcher and afterwards we will be ready with a cup of coffee and you will have the chance to ask any questions you might have to the Business Manager. For planned walk-in days click here.

New developments

Warning IDentifier: Warn visitors when they forget to hand in their audio device.

The ‘warning IDentifier’ is the latest addition to the arsenal of tools within the Podcatcher platform. This IDentifier is placed above the exit door and warns visitors if they have forgotten to return their audio device. It warns visitors by making the Podcatcher beep loudly, until a button is pressed or the device is returned into the charging dock.