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Over 5.000.000 tours!

Newsletter July 2016

Over 5 million tours have been listened to on the Podcatcher!
Besides the listened to tours, an uncountable amount of stories have been shared across the globe. And because it is our mission to tell as many stories as possible and to share these stories, we are hugely proud of this accomplishment.
Ambitious as we are, we have raised the bar.
Guide ID is growing, and fast! After the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Curacao and Tanzania, the Podcatcher will now also be available in America, Italy and Portugal.
In this newsletter we would like to inform you about the latest firmware update and tell you more about new projects. As always you can contact us if you would like more information on anything.
Have a great summer!

The Guide ID team


Walk-in days

Walk-in days
Walk-in days are days when you can come and take a look at one of our current projects. You can listen to the tour via the Podcatcher and afterwards we will be ready with a cup of coffee and you will have the chance to ask any questions you might have to the Business Manager. To see the Walk-in days we already have planned, click here.

New developments

New firmware

The main new improvement of the new Podcatcher firmware is that it is now even easier to see what status the Podcatcher is in according to what lights are on. Basically green means go and yellow means it needs a sync. Combined with new documentation it is now even simpler, for you, your staff and your visitors to see what you need to/can do with each Podcatcher.