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How to make fall more fun?

Newsletter October 2017

Autumn is now here and outside it’s getting colder. Fortunately things are more enjoyable inside: museums open their doors for beautiful autumn exhibitions, where you can listen to the most beautiful stories with the Podcatcher. Inside the Guide ID offices we are working hard to make this possible.

Our technical department is currently working hard on updating our TourEditor platform to continue to make it as user friendly as possible. As many of our client partners already know, you can easily create and manage audio tours and view the data in our Analytics tool already, but this will be even easier in the updated version. In addition, we are also busy creating a new IDentifier that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. That means that all IDentifiers will be waterproof and that the housing will be even more robust.

We are proud that the Podcatcher continues to be the preferred method for our clients to tell their stories as they help to broaden the horizons of their visitors. On that topic, we gladly offer 5 suggestions to continue to broaden your horizons this autumn!

Enjoy reading!
The Guide ID team

Projects in the spotlights

Hermitage Amsterdam - The Museum of Fine Arts Houston - Groeningemuseum Bruges - Jewish Museum Berlin - New York Historical Society

This autumn, a number of beautiful projects will be launched where the Podcatcher will be used. You don't want to miss this!

Tip 1:
The exhibition 'Dutch Masters in the Hermitage Amsterdam' is one of them. For the first time in its existence, the Hermitage Amsterdam is mounting a show of Dutch masters from the renowned St Petersburg collection. Portraits by Rembrandt and Hals, scenes of everyday life by Dou and Jan Steen and beautiful landscapes by Ruisdael en Van Goyen. Our Podcatcher audioguide is available for all visitors at no extra charge, so it's possible for everyone to know more about these wonderful pieces of art which will 'return home' after 350 years.

Tip 2:
An exhibition of a different order, but at least as special is at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. On display right now through January 28th, 2018, the exhibition 'The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta' will be where the illustrious life and career of this fashion designer is central.
The accompanying audio tour dives into De la Renta's life, his inspiration and designs through interviews with clients, family, employees and the curator.

Tip 3:
We are also happy with a new customer in Bruges: the Groeningemuseum. They are going to use the Podcatcher for the exhibition 'Pieter Pourbus and the forgotten Masters'. The exhibition illuminates this 16th century Bruges master and his contemporaries who have fallen into oblivion, but are now in the spotlights again, where they should be! Visitors can rent the Podcatcher at the counter and rediscover these lost masters.

Tip 4:
Horizons are also expanded in New York this fall, where the Podcatcher is part of an important exhibition about a controversial topic in American history, the Vietnam War. The exhibition takes place in the New York Historical Society, a fascinating museum and library, located on Central Park West in Manhattan. The Podcatcher is used here for traditional audio stops as well as for audio video synchronized stops. This unique feature allows the Podcatcher to play the audio of various rolling videos within the gallery space.

Tip 5:
And the last, but definitely not the least suggestion is a beautiful project to look forward to: the Jewish Museum in Berlin. Beginning in December, the Podcatcher will be launched for both the permanent collection and the 'Jerusalem' temporary exhibition.. The museum is located in a beautiful building designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, which has become an icon in of the city of Berlin in recent years. We are delighted that our Podcatcher is used here to tell their stories!

Has your curiosity been woken up and you want to know more about our new projects? Then keep an eye on our coming soonwebpage!



There are a number of nice events scheduled for this fall where we would like to meet (new) customers. So come visit our booth when you're in the area!

From October 16th -19th we will be exhibiting at the Mountain-Plains Museum Association Conference in Denver, CO.

And in November you can meet us at the Museum Association Conference in Manchester (November 16th-18th) and at Exponatec in Cologne (November 22nd-24th).

If you’d like to find out for yourself what it’s like to go through a museum while listening to a Podcatcher, come to one of our Walk-In days.

The Guide ID team wishes you a nice fall.