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Guide ID keeps expanding and improving

Newsletter November 2018

It has been busy the last few months here at Guide ID. We have being working on improving our new online platform: the Podcatcher Portal. Now, making an audio tour is even easier. Have you tried it?
We are curious to know what you think!

However, our efforts have also been on our online help page. In this page you can find answers to your questions about the Podcatcher Portal, practical tips and an overview of the FAQ. The manuals of our products will be online soon.

Since the beginning of this year, we have been working with the USS Midway Museum. Our learning process during this collaboration can now be found in our new case study. The challenges, solution and results are described. Curious about our story? You can find the case study here.

More online news! Now you can also read about us through our Facebook page. In addition to our LinkedIn and Twitter account where we share information about new projects, company updates and articles about audio tours. Follow us and don’t miss a thing.

What else to read in this newsletter?
We give you 5 tips from our recently started projects you can’t miss.
On the bottom, read on which event we can be found in the coming period.

Enjoy reading!
The Guide ID team

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We are not sure if you received our latest newsletter but in any event, please allow us to remind you that every three months we send out a newsletter to keep you informed of our activities, new projects and developments on our platform.

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Newsletter May 2018

May we ask you a question? Every quarter of the year we like to send out a newsletter to keep you informed of our activities, new projects and developments on our platform. We also like to invite our clients and partners to events and walk-ins. We are happy to share our experiences with you and want to continue to do so even after 25 May 2018, when the new General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect.

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Very soon we will, among other things, tell you more about our new Toureditor. These past few weeks we have been very busy testing it. In the coming weeks we will focus on fine-tuning and planning. Stay tuned!

In this newsletter we will tell you about where we will be exhibiting the Podcatcher and about five new and exciting exhibitions.

Will we see you soon? We hope so!
The Guide ID team

We won!

Entrepreneur of 2017 in the city Deventer


Frits Polman has won the Entrepreneur of 2017 in the city of Deventer with Guide ID. From our head office in Deventer, The Netherlands, we help museums worldwide telling their stories. With the Podcatcher audio guide we're expanding horizons of many museum visitors all around the globe.

Click here to see the video of Frits.

The Guide ID team

How to make fall more fun?

Newsletter October 2017

Autumn is now here and outside it’s getting colder. Fortunately things are more enjoyable inside: museums open their doors for beautiful autumn exhibitions, where you can listen to the most beautiful stories with the Podcatcher. Inside the Guide ID offices we are working hard to make this possible.

Our technical department is currently working hard on updating our TourEditor platform to continue to make it as user friendly as possible. As many of our client partners already know, you can easily create and manage audio tours and view the data in our Analytics tool already, but this will be even easier in the updated version. In addition, we are also busy creating a new IDentifier that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. That means that all IDentifiers will be waterproof and that the housing will be even more robust.

We are proud that the Podcatcher continues to be the preferred method for our clients to tell their stories as they help to broaden the horizons of their visitors. On that topic, we gladly offer 5 suggestions to continue to broaden your horizons this autumn!

Enjoy reading!
The Guide ID team

Expanding our horizons

Newsletter June 2017

Summer is here, so it must be time for our summer update! As always, things have been moving forward at Guide ID. We’re proud to update you on our latest news in this newsletter.

This February, the 100-millionth story was listened to on a Podcatcher: a special moment for us, and one we really celebrated with our customers. The counter is still keeping track of listens, so we look forward to hitting 200 million!

With so many stories to be told, the Guide ID team has been growing. We’re now present in Germany, for instance, and our Dutch head office has been expanded with an account manager, two helpdesk staff, a designer, and four new developers. You can get to know them on our website.

We attended two industry events in the United States earlier this year: Museums and the Web, and the American Alliance of Museums’ annual conference. Both events were a great success. We also have several promising events lined up to attend in Europe. Later in this newsletter, you’ll find out where you can meet up with us in the next few months.

Enjoy reading, and we hope your summer turns out beautifully!
The Guide ID Team

100.000.000 stories told!


Yesterday(23 February) Frits Polman, Managing Director of Guide ID, brought some special Podcatcher cakes to the Museum 'Our Lord in the Attic' in Amsterdam. Nikki Pootjes from the e-culture department at the Amsterdam Museum, who work closely together with Our Lord in the Attic, took delivery of the cakes

The special occasion was the milestone Guide ID reached last week: on February 15th the 100 millionth story was listened to with a Podcatcher, Guide ID's audio guide player.

A great occasion to have a celebration with the museum and its staff!

On a personal note for Frits, 'Our Lord in the Attic' is a special customer. "It’s really special that this milestone happened at the museum, Our Lord in the Attic. During the big renovation the Podcatcher was already being used, some years ago and I used to invite other museums to come and use the audio guide. After, I would speak with people in the small kitchen. I can now say that we were then at the beginning of the large expansion and growth we have been through the last few years. In the meantime the Podcatcher has been used for over 350 projects and internationally we are doing great. I am very very proud that all these stories have been told in so many different places. Soon we will be celebrating this with all of our loyal customers!

Guide ID is crossing borders

Newsletter November 2016

After a very busy summer it is time for an autumn update from Guide ID. During the last months we've delivered several bigger and smaller projects, we've traveled the world and we've been opening a new office in the US. Our international ambition is still growing and we would love to help you tell your fantastic stories to people all over the world.

Currently our offices are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Ireland and in the US. But we've also developed wonderful Podcatcher audio guides in Sweden, Germany and we're busy with a great Portuguese project. You find our complete team on our website, don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance!

Each year, the Oranje Handelsmissiefonds helps 10 SME’s achieve their international ambitions. Last year Guide ID was one of the winners. We were invited to join their trip to New York, where we were very much inspired and energized by other cultural entrepreneurs and museums.

Have a great autumn!
Best wishes,

the Guide ID team

Over 5.000.000 tours!

Newsletter July 2016

Over 5 million tours have been listened to on the Podcatcher!
Besides the listened to tours, an uncountable amount of stories have been shared across the globe. And because it is our mission to tell as many stories as possible and to share these stories, we are hugely proud of this accomplishment.
Ambitious as we are, we have raised the bar.
Guide ID is growing, and fast! After the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Curacao and Tanzania, the Podcatcher will now also be available in America, Italy and Portugal.
In this newsletter we would like to inform you about the latest firmware update and tell you more about new projects. As always you can contact us if you would like more information on anything.
Have a great summer!

The Guide ID team

Bring the museum to life!

Newsletter April 2016

"Our Real Gold" is the theme of the Museum week 2016 in the Netherlands, where Guide ID's HQ is based. This theme hooks into museums showing off their real showpieces. At Guide ID we truly believe that all visitors should not only get to see the showpieces but also hear the stories behind them. Every museum piece has its own stories, which can be told in many different ways. A great example of this can be heard at the Museum of the twentieth century, in Hoorn, The Netherlands. They have developed a great family quiz on the Podcatcher platform and use it to tell their stories in a very fun and interactive way.
More and more museums are offering the Podcatcher to all visitors via self-service. During our last seminar we highlighted this service and zoomed in on a few live projects. The new DNA tour at the Amsterdam museum was used as the main case study.
We are now working very hard to expand our vision, on getting all your stories told, internationally. Over the coming months we will be working on many international projects and we will keep you up to date.

Best wishes,

The Guide ID Team

The year of the new audio tour

Newsletter February 2016

The term 'audio tour' is often associated with wrong and old fashion thoughts. People often think of large audio bats, audio that goes on forever, difficult to operate devices and a general service that costs lots of time and money. The thing is that this is no longer the case and defiantly not with the Podcatcher. We continue to develop the system with the philosophy of always using a simple and easy to use device for the visitors and museum, but always create an outstanding experience and tour by cleverly using interactive technology. You can read more about this in our 'Spotlight Projects’ piece or experience it during one of our Walk-ins.

Please do join us during one of our walk-ins or contact us if you have any questions!

The Guide ID Team

Create something special, but keep it simple

Newsletter October 2015

Guide ID has been busy the past 6 months! A great number of new international customers have been welcomed to the platform including Guildhall, The Pendon Museum and The National Maritime Museum Greenwich in the UK and in Belgium, the Gallo-Roman Museum. In Germany we have welcomed the Focke Museum.

Connecting people to museums

Newsletter June 2015

The first half year of 2015 is almost behind us. For us this was a busy period in which many new projects were launched. Not only in the Benelux and UK has the confidence in Guide ID grown, but we are seeing a growth in projects outside of this area. For example we just launched a project in Switzerland for a very famous chocolate brand. Within this chocolate experience the Podcatcher is your chocolate guide to everything.

Connecting with visitors in 2015

Newsletter January 2015

2014 was a great year for Guide ID and the success continuous in 2015.

Some great projects we did in 2014 included Hermitage Amsterdam and The museum for fine arts Belgium. We are really proud of all the projects we did in 2014.

In 2015 we have more great projects and developments lined up. Projects soon to be launched include Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and the Dutch foto museum.

The main new development for 2015 is MapMyVisit, which is now live. What is MapMyVisit? In short, its a tool for connecting with your visitors and generating more revenues via this connection.

Keep it simple, but be creative

Newsletter October 2014

We have so much to talk about since out last newsletter, but as we like to keep things simple, I will keep it short.

A few things that are definitely worth mentioning are MapMyVisit, the many projects in Brussels and Amsterdam and all the events that are coming up like the Museum Congress 2014 in Holland.

A busy summer

Newsletter June 2014

What a busy time it is! So many new and exciting exhibitions opening. At Guide ID we are proud to say that we are a part of quit a few of them!

Just in the last few months we have launched the Podcatcher for example at Hayward Art Gallery, Hermitage Amsterdam and the Anne Frank House. Over the next few months we will be launching at Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam, Amsterdam Museum, Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, Rivington Place, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and many more across Europe.

Exciting new projects

News letter April 2014

The first quarter of the year is already behind us. How time flies! I find myself saying the same thing at the beginning of every month 'I can't believe its .... already'.

Every time I write a news letter I always spend hours racking my brain, trying to remember all that has happened in the last few months. In this quarter so much as happened that I had a long list within seconds and have had to pick and choose what to talk about. I hope you enjoy what I have chosen.

A good start to 2014

Newsletter January 2014

At the beginning of the year we take a brief look back at 2013. A year within which we welcomed many new clients from different countries. We have also launched new and exciting projects with current clients.

Research is becoming increasingly important in the heritage sector

Newsletter December 2013

Many of our clients are now using the online possibilities of the Podcatcher platform. They are developing their own tours, surveys, trails, quizzes, temporary exhibtion tours or even adding second languages.

Developing a new website

New developments mean a new website

I think everybody goes through the same procedure when developing new things within an organization. First you create lots of new and exciting things, but then realize that you website and other communication methods are not up to date. Over the last 12 months we have developed many new tools within our platform and have now finally launched a website to match so that our message and concept are clear.

Temporary exhibitions

Is it about the heritage or making money?

Perhaps the biggest challenge when organising a temporary exhibitions in the balance between spending budget on interpretation services and finding ways to create more income. And also doing it on a short timescale. In this article I would like to explain how I think you can avoid this struggle and make it a win-win situation for you and the visitors.

Audio tour by The Royal Dutch Palace

Detective in the Golden Ages

Amsterdam - Shall Maria with the red curls and the mayors son Jacob de Graeff be able to save Boris Pvertsz, who has been sentenced to death? That's the big question in the new audio tour, which was written by children's books author Simon van der Geest for The Royal Dutch Palace, for children from the ages of 9 till 12.

Year of the App?

A new year, full of new, interesting and exciting questions?

Happy new year everyone. I hope everybody had an amazing new year. Now everybody is back to work, the first big questions for 2013 are starting to arise. The one I have heard the most so far is; Will this be the year of the Apps? My answer is...

Merry Christmas!!

2012 an important year for us!

First of all we would like to thank everybody for all the comments and reactions to our news updates. In 2012 we have spoken to lots of interesting people within sector. We would also like to wish everybody a happy Christmas and a happy new year. Hopefully we will speak to and see everybody in the 2013. We have lots of exciting new plans for 2013 and are still looking for museums and other heritage sites to partner up with.

VIP in Museum?

How to get a VIP into your Museum, Gallery or Heritage site?

Having a VIP in your Museum can have great benefits. It can generate more visitors, new visitors and repeat visitors. Another thing it can do is create more learning and interpretation possibilities. The third aspect which it will improve is interaction between your visitor, your staff and the actual heritage of the location.

Who are my visitors?

How do I find out who my visitors are?

Museums spend millions every year on interaction, interpretation and marketing without even knowing who their visitors truly are. Also, and maybe even more important, museums do not know what their visitors want and do during a visit? By performing detailed research on a daily basis museums can find out who their visitors are. I think two types of research are necessary, first of all collecting general daily data on where visitors are in the museum and secondly more detailed information by asking them the right questions. Now I bet you’re thinking, great idea, but how do I find the time and money to do this? The answer is; You do not always need money and most of the work has already been done for you.

Latest UK Garden tour

Bexley Heritage Trust launches “Podcatcher Interactive Guide”

An interactive guide is a great way to bring things to life and to get visitors involved. Bexley heritage trust, Open productions and Guide ID have developed a really interesting and interpretive Guide of the Hall Place Gardens. What really makes this project unique is the combination of a really diverse target group and a really simple product, which is suitable for every single type of visitor.

Guide ID expands even further

Guide ID Podcatcher platform now available in Germany and Scandinavia

Have you ever thought about introducing an audio guide at your museum? But found it all a bit complicated, time consuming and expensive. These are issues that all museums have on which Guide ID did research in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. Based on this research, museum and visitor feedback, and years of experience, Guide ID has developed a platform which solves all these issues and offers a simple solution for creating more interpretation and interaction for your visitors.

AHI 2012 Conference

Guide ID Podcatcher platform during AHI Conference

On the 17th, 18th and 19th of October the AHI 2012 annual Conference will take place in glorious Shropshire. Guide ID, like most years, will be attending with a stand and will add some information to the delegates bag. I think the conference is the perfect opportunity to meet new people, museums and other heritage sites. I will be at our stand during all of the networking moments. I have prepared a special “starters” offer, which makes it possible for all locations to directly start offering an audio guide with no upfront investment. This will include all of the platforms elements like the brandable handsets, content and scripting for a complete tour and use of the live analytics and visitor feedback system.

The three biggest mistakes while creating an audio guide

Adding an audio guide to your visitor services is a great idea. Visitors love being entertained, inspired and educated during a visit. And most museums are always trying to create more interpretation and interaction with visitors. An audio guide is a great way to do all of this, if it is done correctly...

Kelvingrove Art Gallery choses Podcatcher

Audio Guides

Audio guides are one of the biggest hypes at the moment. If a museum or heritage site does not have one, visitors are disappointed. But just having an audio guide, does not mean you are meeting and satisfying visitors expectations. Research has proven that visitors want something that is easy to use, they understand in an instance and gives them some information on the site and objects.

Guide ID has just started its latest project at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, in Glasgow, using this theory as a basis.

Want to see how simple it really is then watch this demonstration video of two visitors at the Kröller-Müller museum and learn more about the possibilities...

How to re-use content and turn it into an audio guide.

Create an audio guide in one week.

Writing or finding content is often the most time consuming element of creating an audio guide. Curators will often think they have to write it all from scratch or find a script writer to help them do it. 95% of the time this is not necessary. You probably have more content than you think already. If you have human guides, just get what they already tell recorded. If you have an exhibition or museum catalogue, use those text as a start for the audio guide. Also lots of other documents will have already been written and which are basically content as well, it’s just never been seen as content and therefor forgotten. At Guide ID we offer you help and tips to write your own content from your catalogue or book and create a new audio guide within one week.

Increase visitor interpretation, interaction & education?

Funding issues?

Many Museums and other heritage sites have issues with funding for visitor services that are aimed at interpretation, education and interaction. Museums often say that it is a continuous battle between wanting to offer all the visitor services there are and finding a way to fund them.

Why not change the way you are thinking? Try adding a visitor service which enhances a visitors experience, educates them, interprets objects and creates an interaction during their visit, all whilst increasing your income.

Should every museum have a children’s tour?

Enlarge your target group

Some exhibitions are aimed more at adults than children. This does not mean you can’t attract children or families. You always want to make your target group as large as possible, don’t you?. Developing an audio guide especially for children is the perfect solution. This can turn any exhibition into a unique experience for adults and children.

But most important of all it can create an unforgettable experience for a family. A visit to a museum should be interesting and fun for everyone, but some things are just not interesting to children and vice versa for adults. That’s why they should be able to visit your museum, walk around together, but have an experience tailored to each of them. Guide ID offers a flexible platform and has the experience to help you. The matching App is temporarily free as well.

App or audio device?


The biggest hype in the Museums and Heritage world at the moment is Apps and mobile integration. Mobile devices like phones and tablets are becoming a huge part of people’s daily life. So when people visit a museum, gallery or castle they will already be using their mobile device for multiple purposes. So museums should offer a platform for visitors to keep using their device during their visit. But don’t forget the visitors who do not have a smartphone or do not want to use their smart phone. The Guide ID platform has been developed to cover both types of visitors. It offers an audio guide for all visitors, with or without mobile devices.

People's History Museum launches Podcatcher audio guide

Simplicity was the decisive factor

Measure to gain knowledge

Which target groups use the audio tour? And how often? In what language? What is the most popular object in the museum? These are extremely relevant questions for a museum. The Podcatcher accompanies the museum visitors throughout the exhibition. Simultaneously, the Podcatcher registers the behaviour and the profile of the museum visitors. Very useful information for the museum.

“The Podcatcher gives the visitors freedom of choice!”

One of the clients of Guide ID is the Rijksmuseum Twenthe. The audio tours for the Podcatcher are developed by Josien Beltman. She started working as a member of the educational staff and a tour guide in 2008. Josien was given the task of selecting the audio tour supplier.

Less is more

A simple audio tour boosts comfort for the visitors and reception desk staff.

The more complex the device, the greater the risk of faults. This is also the case for an audio tour. Simplicity is a must for optimum functionality. That is what typifies the Podcatcher. The Podcatcher is known for its simplicity.

Boost your income, rent out a Podcatcher

No financial investment, but there is extra income!

A new year, new opportunities and new plans. 2012 is a year in which museums are being challenged to find new sources of income. The 200 million Euro that the Cabinet is fishing out of the culture purse must be found elsewhere.

2012: even more convenience for an even larger public

The good resolution of Guide ID is to continue to improve ourselves!

To start, we wish you a wonderful 2012! And good resolutions are part of a New Year. The good resolution of Guide ID is to continue to improve ourselves. Our mission “convenience for everyone” is therefore as follows for 2012: EVEN MORE convenience for an EVEN LARGER public...

Nico Dijkshoorn audio tour at Kröller-Müller museum

The tour offers a fresh new perspective on art and on famous pieces from the collection.

From 13 January 2012 the Kröller-Müller museum presents a new audio tour, written and recorded by Nico Dijkshoorn (in Dutch).

Wisdom from the Podcatcher

Education in the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam

The Podcatcher plays an important role in providing information to young museum visitors. Esther van Pamelen, head of education at the Wereldmuseum, explains how she uses the Podcatcher as an educational tool.

5 tips for a better audio tour.

Use our experience to enhance your audio tour

More and more museums choose to develop an audio tour themselves. Would you like to do so too, then read the following tips to improve the results...

People are pleased with the Podcatcher.

Results of visitor research at Singer museum and the Wereldmuseum

The visitors of musea, zoo’s and castles, are the end users of the Podcatcher. That is why their opinion is important for Guide ID. Therefore a survey has been carried out at Singer museum (Laren, NL) and the Wereldmuseum (Rotterdam, NL). The outcome: people are very pleased with the Podcatcher!

We started bloggin’!

Read tips & trick, customer reviews, new features and more...

It is time for Guide ID to start a blog. More often, we are in conference with customers or prospects about the lock, stocks and barrels in our branch. About the possibilities, the threats, the do’s and the dont’s. We started this blog to share the mind of Guide ID and her customers.