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Testimonials & Examples

Personal stories and experiences

All of our clients use the platform in different ways. They choose themselves which features of the platform they use, to fit their needs and budgets. We have a great record with clients who keep working with us! The main reason for this is that we have a solid platform and are open to feedback and developing new tools based on clients ideas.

USS Midway Museum

San Diego, CA, USA

Our guests love our new Podcatchers and the Guide ID team provided a smooth, successful launch of the new equipment. Besides being simple and fun to use they are just the right size and weight for spending 3-4 hours walking around an aircraft carrier! We are excited about the data collection and reporting capabilities of the Guide ID system and look forward to utilizing all the technical functionality of the small but mighty Podcatcher to further enhance our guest experience.
Mark Berlin, Director of Operations, USS Midway

Museum Broekerveiling

Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands

The audio tour is very well received over here! We are very pleased but even more important our visitors are very happy with your audio tour.
Starting from today, June 11th 2015, we are fully working with the audio tour on our boat. Within the organization everybody is getting very easily used to the system... And everybody is very positive!
Lisette Zijp, Curator, presentation and education

The Appeltern Gardens

Appeltern,The Netherlands

Guide ID was enthusiastic about our ideas from the start. We did not want just an audio tour, we clearly wanted something interactive. We are happy that they wanted to develop this with up and MapMyVisit in the result of that.
Ben van Ooijen, Director & Owner


Eindhoven, The Netherlands

We want to offer visitors of the PSV museum an unforgettable and optimal PSV experience. The Podcatcher adds to the depth of the experience and helps our foreign customers enjoy over 100 years of PSV history.
Arne van Breugel, Manager Merchandising & Image Rights, PSV football Club

English Heritage

London, United Kingdom

I had the pleasure to work with Guide ID on one of our temporary exhibitions at the Quadriga Gallery of Wellington Arch in London. Their commitment and passion has been evident and unwavering from our initial meeting to the delivery of the project. Their product delivered a very flexible tool that was tailored to the needs of the exhibition delivering layered information to our visitors.
Guide ID have been excellent in their support to deliver and manage the project, often delivering over and above what was expected of them.
Look forward to work with Guide ID and explore the potential of their product in the very near future.
Ioannis Ioannidis, Interpretation Manager, at English Heritage

Stockport Air Raid Shelters

Stockport, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

We are using the Podcatchers for self-guided tours of the tunnels. Our visitors range from large school groups to groups of two in all age categories. The good thing about the Podcatcher is that it suits all of them. Also we are really interested to see what the results are from the usage data and our survey.
Katie Cavanagh, Curatorial Services & Projects, Stockport Council

Walker Art Gallery

Liverpool, United Kingdom

We chose the Podcatcher because it is so simple for visitors to use, but also because it requires minimal supervision from our visitor services team. We have a very diverse target group and needed something that would work well for a wide audience. The Podcatcher ticked all the boxes. The fact that we can also use the platform for visitor research and to promote our shop, café and special events is a great added bonus. We look forward to adding another tour for the David Hockney exhibition this coming October.
Ann Bukantas, Head of Fine Art, National Museum Liverpool

KPM Erlebniswelt Berlin

The unique porcelain exhibition

We can recommend the podcatcher, since it is easy to use. Besides, the system also allows an individual and flexible deployment and management of audio files as well as permanent monitoring
Barbara Gerster, Sales Manager, KPM

Plas Mawr

Conwy, Wales

We wanted to have a script with characters who interactive with each other and the visitors during the tour. We have achieved exactly this and are really happy with our tour. We use the Podcatcher as our handsets to offer the tour.
David Penberthy, Head of Interpretation CADW

Hall Place Gardens, Bexley

Bexley, United Kingdom

We needed something that could work inside and out, but wanted the experience and logistics to stay the same. The Podcatcher and App work brilliantly, both in the garden and the house. Staff and visitors love that it is so simple to operate.
Caroline Worthington, Chief Executive

Kröller-Müller museum

Otterlo, The Netherlands

We wanted something to offer in-depth information on our artworks and displayed objects. The main criteria was that the system had to be simple and not distract visitors. Since the launch we have developed many different tours because the process of creating a new tour is quick, easy and does not need a large budget.
Herman Tibosch, Education Coordinator

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Glasgow, Scotland

We were looking for a system that we could easily update ourselves and that could be updated on a regular basis. Seeing as the Podcatcher platform lets us control our content and that it can be updated daily it is exactly what we were looking for.
(Content was recorded in-house)
John Ferry, Head of digital media

Royal Palace Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam provides a highlights tour to their visitors in 8 different languages and also two different children’s tours in two languages Even with this many tours there are still no complications in usage. There is a lot of confidence in the future development of the tours and adjusting them for temporary exhibitions.
Coordinator at the Palace